Cosmetic Surgery

DOCS: The Pursuit Of Perfection (Cosmetic Surgery),
DOCS: The Pursuit Of Perfection (Cosmetic Surgery)
Elective cosmetic surgery has never been more accepted and popular, from implants to liposuction to Botox and beyond. More and more people are getting their tummies tucked, their fat sucked and their boobs boosted.

This four-part documentary series – featuring unflinching operation room footage of medical procedures – dissects the industry to show both what’s attractive about it, and also its uglier side…

‘Cosmetic Surgery’ Part 1 – ‘The Pursuit of Perfection’ – follows three patients before, during and after their very first plastic surgeries:

– a young mother undergoing a breast augmentation;
– a computer consultant who hopes liposuction will rejuvenate his love life;
– and a middle-aged teacher who is optimistic a full face-lift will help her career.

How will the procedures affect each person, both physically and emotionally?

This show also explores the best way to pick a surgeon and shows you the dangerous ramifications of picking one in haste. If you’ve ever wondered about plastic surgery yourself, this realistic, honest programme may well influence your decision.,