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The Types of Products You’ll Find at GreenSuppliesOnline

GreenSuppliesOnline.com are quickly becoming one of the most highly sought after e-cigarette and vaporizer supplies within the United States. With dozens of exciting products available; many of which featuring very affordable discounts and special offers, it’s no wonder why so many are turning to them for all of their vaping needs.

Some of the most popular types of products that they offer include:

Vaping Pens

Vaping pens were originally intended to help smokers when attempting to overcome their addiction to cigarettes. The devices offered on GSO are some of the most modern takes on this smoke-free solution, with basic models starting at less than $50. The pens themselves are as stylish as they are affordable, and with options to customize, modify, and interchange particular components within many of them – it’s no wonder why they’ve become so popular.

Desk Vaporizers

Offering a more permanent option for those that prefer to keep their hands free; desk, or desktop, vaporizers are larger vaping devices that can be placed on flat surfaces and then enjoyed with minimal fuss. Many of them feature their own exclusive features and functions – and with prices starting from $100 for a good model, they can make the ideal companion within a home or office.

Branded Products

With big brand names such as Firefly, Grenco Science, and other well-known vaping kit manufacturers GSO aren’t your everyday, run of the mill e-cig provider; they offer products that are suitable to a wide variety of vapers and vaping enthusiasts. Most of the branded products come complete with manufacturers’ warranties, allowing customers to buy in confidence and put their vaping products to good use with minimal concern.


Not only will you find a great variety of branded e-cig products on their website; there are also dozens of accessories to enjoy, too. Some of them come in the form of transportation features that can make carrying your devices even easier than you imagined; others are key chains, stirring sticks, and other accessories that can make your vaping life just that little bit easier.

Replacement Parts

Although most vaporizer manufacturers will aim to provide products that last, there’s no avoiding accidents at times – fortunately GSO make it easy to purchase replacement parts when they are needed. From replacement filters, all the way to spare front and back covers for the Firefly models of vaporizer; their parts and components can help to ensure that whatever happens to your device, you can make sure that it remains functional well into the future.